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Alucom F system for fixing fiber cement panels

Alucom F system for fixing fiber cement panels

System Features:

Designed for fixing fiber cement panels with a thickness of 6, 8, 10 mm

The facade indent from a wall from 40 to 350 mm

The size of the seams between panels of fibre cement total of 4 to 6 mm

Fastening by rivet method

The system design is protected against corrosion

Service life up to 100 years

There are all necessary technical documentation



The rate is calculated individually when ordering. We deliver materials across Moscow, the Moscow region and to regions of Russia.

System Features:

Feature of system:

  • Reliability of fastening of the entire structure through the use of bolt connection of the bracket and guide.
  • Aesthetic appeal, due to the possibility to reduce the seams between the tiles to 4-6 mm.


System overview

Alucom F — aluminum sub-facing structure made of alloy А6060Т66.

Adjusting the distance between the facade and the wall from 40 mm to 350 mm.

Fiber cement panels in the facade of buildings are used as cladding.

Fastening is carried out by rivet method.

We independently produce all the necessary components for the hinged facade of fiber-cement panels.

Our designers have specially provided slots on the brackets, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the distance of the system from the wall during installation.

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