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We are forced to raise prices from October 20, 2014

On October 20, 2014 we are increasing the prices of our products.

This step is related to the fact that the price of primary aluminum in January 2014 grew up by 55%, and we can no longer artificially constrain the growth on Alucom systems.

At the moment, the prices are regulated by the FAS Russia № CA / 1777 of 14.02.2007 as amended on the 19.12.2013 and depend on the United States dollar. For comparison, in January 2014 the cost of primary aluminum was 71 334 rubles per ton with VAT, and on October 2, 2014 - 110 229 rubles.

The cost of the final product will be increased only by the difference in the price of aluminum. All other parameters, of which price is formed, will remain unchanged and fixed in Russian rubles.

For more information please contact our specialists.

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