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New items that we hid from you!

For a long time we`d been hiding from you our novelties. But the time came, and we hand over all the cards. So there you go:

  1. On 15 July we made a new profile-lamellae. It has two functions: protection from the sun and decorative. Placed on the facade can be both vertically and horizontally. It is mounted on a bracket A-LF 120 and easy to paint in any color of RAL scale.
  2. For objects, that have takeout from the main plane of the facade of 50 mm, we have created an angular profile. With the appearance of this profile system the cost decreased by 10%, because thanks to the fact that we use it instead of the three guides.
  3. Also, we now have the bracket UL 500, which comes with pre-prepared holes for mounting. We can only attach it to the wall. This allowed the installation of the system to make it faster and more comfortable.
  4. If you have a complex facade, which requires fixing elements in different planes and are more relevant, then for you we have developed and have implemented an extension bracket with variable length from 200 to 1000 mm. This decision will allow you to easily implement the most sophisticated architectural solutions, as it is suitable for all types of cladding and has a large margin of safety. Because of this it is possible to fix the additional elements: lights, air conditioners, lighting, and so on. It is important that the use of a constructive solution eliminates the need for metal framework. In this case, it is comparable in price, and in some cases the cost is lower than with the use of metal frame with attached NSF.
  5. Novelty, which just goes on sale — special profiles GN1 and GN2. They are designed for flush mounting of flat sheets of cladding materials such as HPL panels, fiber cement slabs, granite, natural and artificial stone, Corian. Profiles are technological in installation and will be bundled with the adjusting screws, with which you can adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the liner. The package price is much lower than the well-known market counterparts. And one more important fact — Application Profile GN is possible with elements of 95 mm, thus reducing the cost of the system while maintaining all functional characteristics. This solution may be used for internal lining of the main frame without NSF.
  6. At the end of July new brackets ALK 37-45, ALK 37-60 with a length of 37 mm came into the market, as well as profiles for flush mounting and open porcelain plates and bulk ceramics. These brackets paired with profiles used in two cases: without insulation and cladding to perform or decorative facade facing of a minimum applies. Relative will be 41 mm. Can be used for balconies, railings of balconies, kiosks, pavilions, etc. Cost of the system, in this case, is too low in conventional quality and reliability of our systems. Application of ALK 37-45 bracket is also possible when the detours around the windows in the fastening system in the floor slabs with a guide LF 15. The cost of a new bracket compared to the ALK 75-45 is almost two times lower.
  7. Now kits BN-25, BN30 for attaching the brackets to the guide, are available in versions with a self-locking nut with plastic insert. This lock can be turned without a split washer.
  8. Another novelty that does not new, but we kept silence about it. For a year, as in system Alucom LF, bracket A-LF 120 is supplied with fixed thermal break. Now the ability to install the bracket on the base without a thermal rapidly goes to zero. Hooray! We strive to ensure that the installation of our systems can handle even children.
  9. And our favorite child, which does not leave anyone indifferent! This bracket attached to this personal level! Yes, on each arm! And it has a thermals also installed. This facilitates not only the installation, but also the work of the technical supervision of the acceptance of the hidden works. Now you can definitely be sure that the work is carried out efficiently. All of the brackets are in place.

And one more thing. Now these levels for you are absolutely free! Hurry up!

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