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A new metro station "Troparevo" is opened

December 8, 2014 was opened a new metro station "Troparevo" and  we participated in its project . This is the 13th  metro station, made using our systems.

We are forced to raise prices from October 20, 2014

This step is related to the fact that the price of primary aluminum in January 2014 grew up by 55%, and we can no longer artificially constrain the growth on Alucom systems.

New items that we hid from you!

For a long time we`d been hiding from you our novelties. But the time came, and we hand over all the cards.

Now each of our system has its QUALITY CERTIFICATE

In order to make things easier to communicate with the control authorities, now each of our system has a quality certificate, where the symbol is attached to appropriate system of voluntary certification in the field Fire Safety (NSOPB).

WE deceive you for almost a year!

September 1, 2013, we increased the thickness of the capping by 20%, i.e., they are now available in thicknesses of 1.2 mm. Moreover, their cost remains unchanged.

Championship finals for the ALUCOM cup took place in Yekaterinburg on May 31

On May 31, 2014 the Ice Palace in Yekaterinburg hosted the final of the championship of the 5th season of Amateur Hockey League (LHL). The main prize, cup ALUCOM, went to "Stroyosnova" team.

Prices will be at the same level until June 1, 2014

Company management of Alucom decided to keep prices at the same level. Prior to June 1, 2014 prices on curtain walling system Alucom will remain invariable.

WE DO NOT increase the selling price before May 1, 2014

After the start of the famous events an increase in aluminum prices has occurred . On April 1, 2014, many firms are engaged in production and sale of glass constructions and wall facade systems of aluminum profiles, reported an increase in selling prices for their products. We officially declare that until May 1, 2014 we will not raise our selling prices.

Tests on the class of fire danger of facing materials FRONTEK took place, Spain

On March 26, 2014 on the territory of 26 in the Institute of the Ministry of Defense and Tested Center Pilot tests took place in accordance with GOST 31251-2008 to determine the structural fire safety class. The tests took place on the NFS Alucom LF with the veneering material FRONTEK, made in Spain.

Tests on the class of fire hazard plates SWISSPEARL took place, Switzerland

On February 7, 2014, the opening day of the Olympic Games in Sochi, has passed the next test to determine the class of structural fire hazard NSF Alucom with fibrocement plates SWISSPEARL, Switzerland.

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