Mounted facades. Quickly accomplish the most difficult tasks!

New developmentRpefab aluminium cornice

Great alternative for glassfiber reinforced concrete
Light, firm, RAL scale colouring
Easy transportation, no minor repairs

Mounted Ventilated Facades

We love what we do!

For 10 years we have been developing, manufacturing and upgrading the system of aluminum mounted facades, and protecting projects, including a curtain number of unique and highly complicated. All the elements that appear in our catalog, are alive, as used on any building and have been designed for a specific non-standard project. What helps us is our own 9 years’ experience as Installation Company.

Sometimes we develop and produce a new profile for free, because we see the prospect of their application, and we are interested in the project itself. This is not necessarily a large amount of the facade; often it’s just another interest to solve a technical problem. Now facades become more complicated, more elegant in architecture, boxes is nothing new, and help you to fulfil your architectural project — for us it is an honor and a huge responsibility.

This is confirmed by our regular customers references, and all sorts of tests by independent organizations. Be sure you get everything you need in time. It’s still with us!


"My recommendation for all architects of Moscow to cooperate with this company. Alucom forever!"

Nikolai Ivanovich Shumakov

"My recommendation for all architects of Moscow to cooperate with this company. Alucom forever!"

Nikolai Ivanovich Shumakov

"Alucom helped us a lot at the Station Business Center, it was necessary to quickly make a large amount of high quality facades."

Leonid Leonidovich Borzenkov

"Alucom helped us a lot at the Station Business Center, it was necessary to quickly make a large amount of high quality facades."

Leonid Leonidovich Borzenkov

"Easily. People keep their  promises, and then can carry challenges  on their shoulders.  Whatever we wanted..."

Alexander Vladimirovich Nekrasov

"Easily. People keep their  promises, and then can carry challenges  on their shoulders.  Whatever we wanted..."

Alexander Vladimirovich Nekrasov

We are interested in your wildest fantasies in architecture and they will be implemented with the help of our systems and the Alucom team.

12 reasons why you should choose our systems

  1. Easy installation.
    The system is mounted 2 times faster than the similar. It can handle even a teenager. The human impact is minimal. Brackets are ready for installation, since they have already ​​all the necessary holes, dielectric spacers are put on, and some have even the level set. You get up to 10 pluses to the mastery of your installers :)

  2. The ease of installation quality control.
    It would be easier for Technical Supervision to supervise the work. Dielectric spacers, put on the brackets, are not accidental red. Bright red color can be seen even on the 10th floor and to understand whether it is put a dielectric gasket or the installer did a hack-work. But the systems of Alucom LF, the grommets are supplied attached to the brackets, our know-how.

  3. The ease and reliability of the construction.
    One our bracket - A-LF 120 - can withstand 1,000 kg load, it weighs only 345 grams. After the shrinkage of the building all the seams remain perfect, your façade will not come apart in a sarcastic smile.

  4. Minimum load on the foundation of the building.
    It is achieved through the use of lightweight materials. Let’s compare our system and a system, constructed of steel. Let’s take the building with an area of 7​​000 m2. The weight of a steel system will be approximately equal to 60 000 kg, our system - 22 000 kg. That is a difference of 40 cars Renault Logan, and still there is need to pile them on the load-bearing walls.

  5. High quality material.
    You will receive a system, manufactured by a high-tech factory of the best alloy for building structures, which is used in the entire civilized world (A6060T66 or A6063T6). We guarantee that the quality of the alloy claimed is equal to what you purchase. And if you want to check, then we ourselves will pay the examination of an aluminum alloy.

  6. Any complicated structures.
    For a long time of cooperation with different architects, we have developed a lot of new system solutions. Available in our library of node helps to solve 85% of all architectural pans, so much we can implement immediately. You do not have to wait months or change your architectural project. Well, if you want something completely unique, we’ll quickly develop it for you in a short time and totally free.

  7. Fixing of cladding of any material, any color, size and weight.

  8. The guarantee of durability.
    They will stay for as long as your building will stand (up to 100 years). Even your grandchildren will be able to show their children your project in its original form.

  9. All permits.
    Be sure that you will never have problems with the law. We went through all the possible tests.

  10. 13 types of systems: the classic ones for load-bearing walls, which can be mounted brackets ones, and new development AlucomLF for mounting in floor slabs. You can use our mounted facades on all the walls. At the same time a standoff from the wall can be up to 1.5 m.

  11. Saving of the money while purchasing system, and the further operation of the building. You get a high quality system for less money (comparing to analog ones) . It is achieved due to the low metal content in the system and cost-cutting material (waste accounts for only 2-3%).

    Ventilated facades are used, as well, for thermal insulation of the building. We ourselves after installing a hinged facade to our own building almost ceased to heat in the winter. Periodically even have to open the window. For example, in February 2007, was used for heating 3210 m3 of gas, and after installing the system in February 2012 - 1750 m3. That is a saving of 10,950 rubles a month.

    Curtain facades are a bit more expensive than wet ones (plaster), but 5 years later they are completely paid off, they do not require maintenance. When using wet facade throughout the lifetime of the building, on average, you will pay the cost of 4 ventilated.

  12. For 11 years there were no complaints about the quality of our products.

After purchasing you will receive:

  1. Free technician’s advice when choosing a system and development of the project.
  2. Free development of new design solutions (for orders from 3.000 m2).
  3. Assistance to your project in front of inspection bodies.
  4. Free samples of the system, if necessary.
  5. Lending of the project. We are open to dialogue and after agreement can prepare the entire volume of the system after an advance payment of 10% of the total cost.
  6. Short delivery time, 1-2 days after the order. Right now you can get the finished materials for 50.000 m2. This stock is constantly available in our warehouse.
  7. Free shipping (for orders from 400 m2) *.
  8. Free training for your staff to operate the system *.
  9. Free testing of anchors pulling out of the walls for the order from 2.000 m2) *.
  10. Free author supervision inspection *.

You get free when you order

up 400 m2

400–2000 m2

2000—3000 m2

from 3000 m2

Consultation of a technician when selecting a system and development of the project

1 000 rub.

1 000 rub.

1 000 rub.

1 000 rub.

Protecting your project in front of inspection bodies

50 000 rub.

50 000 rub.

50 000 rub.

50 000 rub.

Samples of the system

3 000 rub.

3 000 rub.

6 000 rub.

6 000 rub.

Training your staff to operate the system*

5 000 rub.

5 000 rub.

5 000 rub.

5 000 rub.

Author's supervision inspection*

40 000 rub.

200 000 rub.

300 000 rub.

500 000 rub.

Shipping *


6 000 rub.

6 000 rub.

12 000 rub.

Testing of anchors for pulling out of the walls *


15 000 rub.

15 000 rub.

Development of new parts required for complex construction


30 000 rub.

You get bonus in the amount of >

99 000 rub.

265 000 rub.

383 000 rub.

613 000 rub.
(calculation— 5000 m2)

* This offer is available for Moscow and the Moscow region.

What are the mounted walls?

ou see in front of you a beautiful modern building, and you enjoy it. We give 99% that it is made with the use of systems of ventilated facades! Because it is simple, economical and aesthetical. 20 years ago, these technologies have come to Russia and since then, very actively used and developed.

Facades, used most often — they are wet (regular plaster) and mounted ventilated. Ventilated facades — this is an exterior cladding, which, with the help of special structures is attached to the wall of a building, so that between the wall and the facing material remains free space, which is partially filled with insulation. It is important to leave an air gap of 40 to 100 mm, which provides air circulation, while the facade will be properly used.

Benefits of mounted facades

Additionally, we provide you with services

Aluminum material processing:

Interest facts about aluminium
  • During the Second World War in Italy the aluminum has been extracted from the lava of Vesuvius.

  • In 1892 in London the Eros statue in aluminum was erected, which stands there up to day, as a monument to the durability of this metal.

  • Japanese jewelers use aluminum instead of silver. 

  • Blanket, covered with a thin layer of aluminum is used in the case of accidents, it protects the individual against the  heat and cold for 20 hours. At the same time it  weighs only 50 g  and takes a little more space, than a cigarette packet.

  • In the aluminum industry began to be used only in the end of XIX century. 

  • In the USSR the aluminum as armor was used first  in aviation for the protection of aircrafts against small arms. 

  • An aluminum powder is used in paints as a pigment.

  • From small arms attacks aluminum armor protects better than steel one.

  • Apples also contain aluminum necessary for our organism - up to 150 mg / kg.

  • In 1925, the ANT-2 made of duralumin was tested for the first time  , which proved that it is promising. 

  • Wires and cables are made of aluminum, as it is well conductive.

  • At the current time, in the. arms industry of the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Korea and Italy  are used the armor made of aluminum alloys. It is used to  cover tanks, combat vehicles, aircrafts, ships and missiles. 

  • Aluminum is used even in the propellant as a fuel component, since it emits a lot of heat during combustion. 

  • Aluminum hydroxide is used for the treatment of gastritis, heartburn and stomach ulcers. 

  • Our body contains 0.14 g of aluminum.

  • Aluminum is always covered with an oxide film, which protects it from corrosion and oxidation. That is why it is so popular in the industry.

  • Regeneration of the skeleton and cartilage in our body - it is the task of aluminum. 

  • First factories producing aluminum, appeared in 1888 in France and the United States. 

  • Aluminum is mentioned in the novel "What?" by N.G. Chernyshevsky. One of his characters says that it is the future. 

  • In the XIX century the aluminum production was so expensive,  that it was more expensive than platinum and gold. 

  • Napoleon III, accepting important guests, serve them cutlery made of aluminum. Others, less distinguished guests were content with gold and silver.

  • In the middle of the XIX century, the decorations of aluminum was a fixture of an every self-respecting lady. 

  • In the food industry the E173 element – is aluminum.

  • From the 1960s. aluminum armor was used for light tanks and light armored fighting vehicles: BMD, BRM, BMP. 

  • 5% of the atoms constituting the surface of our planet - is aluminum. 

  • Many precious compounds contain aluminum: ruby, sapphire, topaz, garnet, emerald, alexandrite and others. 

  • The first aluminum ingot was obtained in the USSR in 1932, since than the construction of plants for its production has begun.

  • Two millennia ago, the jeweler brought to the Roman Emperor Tiberius an aluminum plate, for which he was executed, as the Emperor was afraid that this metal will create competition to gold and silver.

  • Every day we need 2.45 mg of aluminum as nutrition.

  • Aluminum is the 3rd of the elements, contained in the earth's crust. 

  • The first pure aluminum were obtained in 1825 by  Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted. However, in the open air, the metal  immediately covered with a thin oxide film. 

  • On the Moon and Mars the aluminum is also presented.

  • In the XIX century D.I. Mendeleev as a sign of his achievements,  received as a gift a precious cup of aluminum. 

  • Regeneration of the skeleton and cartilage in our body - it is the task of aluminum. 

  • An aluminum spoon can rectify AC :)

  • Aluminum is about 9% of the mass of the crust. 

  • Aluminum is very active, and therefore found in nature only as a compound with other elements. 

Technical documentation
News A new metro station "Troparevo" is opened

December 8, 2014 was opened a new metro station "Troparevo" and  we participated in its project . This is the 13th  metro station, made using our systems.

We are forced to raise prices from October 20, 2014

This step is related to the fact that the price of primary aluminum in January 2014 grew up by 55%, and we can no longer artificially constrain the growth on Alucom systems.

New items that we hid from you!

For a long time we`d been hiding from you our novelties. But the time came, and we hand over all the cards.

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