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Facade of the building is the part, which we see as its appearance. The repair the facade should be taken seriously, as a competent home decoration makes it look more harmonious and more significant compared to other architectural structures.

Over time, the house would be destroyed, and it begins with this facade, which appear damp stains and cracks. Then begins the lagging the facing layer, and if the house is not repaired in time — it will come to an emergency condition.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the facade so that it has a low heat transfer, high frost resistance, fire resistance and sound absorption, good ventilation of water vapors and aesthetics.

Facade system in modern construction is an integral structure,consisting of materials, different in properties and characteristics that depend on the current project.

Many modern systems have external insulation structures meant for fencing. This gives you the opportunity to make indoor climate inside the building much better.

Previously, it was popular to polish facades using lacquers or decorative plaster. Now, however, this method is not relevant to strengthen the facades, as new materials having more popular features.

Two systems are mainly used for facades: wet facades and ventilated facades.

Wet facade is the process of plastering of exterior walls, which are mainly used for objects of historical value to restore the aesthetic appearance of the building. However, this system is limited by climatic requirements and carried out only in dry weather. Protection of such a system will work during a year, as the impact of atmospheric phenomena lead to further destruction. Therefore, much more effective is the system of ventilated facades.

In Germany and in Finland ventilated facades system has been applied first about 35 years ago and now is used in many European countries. However, in Russia, this technology was introduced about 20 years ago, and now is growing rapidly and is becoming increasingly popular.

On the market of ventilated facades in Russia,substructure of galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel are presented.

In this structure under facing should meet certain requirements:

As a heater one can use a mineral wool, rock wool or polystyrene (basement of the house).

Air gap should occupy one quarter of the volume between the lining and the wall, and the remaining space is filled with insulation. In this case, the effect of “chimney hoods” appears, when there is the possibility of free air infiltration into the vent. This enables the walls to “breathe.”

Ventilated facade has many advantages. For example, naturally occurring ventilation improves indoor climate at home and does not require installation of air conditioning. Also, the heater does not collect condensation of moisture and saves the properties of heat preservation. This leads to a reduction in heating costs, and also gives you the opportunity to have bearing walls thinner, which will facilitate the pressure on the basement. Another advantage of ventilated facades is a high fire resistance of materials from which the system is created. This provides additional protection against fires.

Ventilated facade has a high level of sound absorption,and the panel of the façade, constructed from materials with good sound absorption,together with a layer of insulation double the level of sound absorption.

Modern facade materials have a wide range of application and use. Also, there is no need to make additional manipulation above the outer bearing walls to set the design of the ventilated facade. Also, is do not require a plastering of the facade. Installation of ventilated facades has no climate restrictions and can be carried out in any time of the year.

However, the “wet” facade is significantly less expensive than the ventilated facade. But, at the same time, ventilated facade does not need to be updated each year; the cost is repaid in 5 years.

To secure and stable effect for ventilated facade it is necessary to choose correctly the materials, choose quality products, elaborate professional project.

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